Wellness Express Serves Adams County

Wellness Express Serves Adams County

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ILCHF made a grant to the Adams County, IL Health Department to create a mobile dental clinic that can provide an Oral Health Home to children living in rural areas. It cost $300,000 to outfit the bus as a dental operatory, and for the first year of operation (4/1/2016-4/30/2018). Through partnerships with local providers and medical centers, the bus delivers primary care and mental health services to children in the rural parts of the county too.

Adams County Health Department established a relationship with the Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation since 2008, and has received numerous grants to improve the quality and reach of their oral health services throughout their rural community. Total ILCHF Investments $583,638

ILCHF also funded a Community Mental Health Initiative to integrate mental health services for children across primary care and school settings in Adams County. Total funding (’11-’17): $2,454,821. At least 16,000 children have received developmental screening and 3800 children have received mental health services.

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