Grantee Reporting

Grantee Reporting Requirements:

Progress, Final and/or Financial Reporting Requirements for the period ending December 31, 2016 are due January 31, 2017.   Please complete and submit all required documents to:

Illinois Children’s Healthcare Foundation

Reporting requirements may vary. Please review your grant contract for information on the report(s) required to be filed and the timing of the report(s).  The following reports are required every six months unless your contract provides otherwise.   All reporting packets, at a minimum, should include the Grantee Reporting Budget Worksheet, a Budget Narrative, and an Officer Certification Form.

Click here for the Progress or Final Reporting Requirement Form unless your are a CMAG Grantee.  If you are a CMAG Grantee do not use this form – please use the link to the on-line reporting form provided to you via e-mail by the Foundation.

Click here for the Grantee Reporting Budget Worksheet 

Click here for the Officer’s Certification Form

If you have questions please contact your Program Officer or Nedranae Hunt, Administrative Assistant at 630-571-2555 or