Children’s Mental Health Initiative 2.0

ILCHF Announces $10 Million Children’s Mental Health Initiative

The ILCHF Board of Directors has committed $10 Million to fund a children’s mental health initiative, Building Systems of Care Community by Community 2.0 (CMHI 2.0). This RFP will fund $200,000 for year-long planning grants to each of four communities. Communities that successfully complete the planning process will be eligible for six-year implementation grants of $2.1 million each. We look forward to receiving your application!

Children’s Mental Health Initiative 2.0
Proposals due Feb. 1, 2018

Planning Grant applications will be submitted on-line.

To learn more about CMHI 2.0 and to download a pdf of the RFP for the Planning Grant Application click here.

To access the on-line application click here.

To download the Planning Grant Budget Template click here.

To download the Officer’s Certificate Form click here.

To access an in-progress application click here.

Important Dates

September 20, 2017 – CMHI 2.0 Initiative Announced

October 10, 2017 – Techinical Assistance conference call.

October 20, 2017 – Systems of Care training with Sheila Pires in Oak Brook, Illinois.

February 1, 2018CMHI 2.0 Planning Grant Applications are due no later than Noon.

Questions regarding the online CMHI 2.0 Planning Grant application? Contact Nedranae Hunt, Administrative Manager at or 630-571-2555

Questions regarding the content or substance of CMHI 2.0? Contact Amy Starin, PhD, Senior Program Officer at or 630-571-2555

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